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An excellent opportunity to own this home on the cheap, customize it to your liking to live in and enjoy for years to come, or flip for a profit.  Several photos are included below, and we encourage you to check it out and do your diligence.  


We believe in being fully transparent on all of our properties, and disclosing everything we know.  This is a rehab property and is being sold as-is with no warranties expressed or implied.

This is also being sold as a double lot.  One lot has the house, and the other the shed.

Someone put a great start to the drywall.  The roof looks pretty new with no leaks, and the skylights are a great upgrade!  The exterior siding can use some repair along with the porch.  There is a shed on the second lot with a lot of things therein.  The floor is all hardwood and appears level with no issues.  Someone started working on the electrical, looks like a new junction box, but may need additional work.  I've never turned on the power or water.  The furnace and water heater likely need replaced, however I've never fired them up so I don't know.  Some of the windows have small holes in them, and one needs replaced and is boarded.  The bathroom fixtures are all intact, but I'm unsure if they work and they can use a good cleaning.  The kitchen is a clean slate and ready for you to customize however you like.  The nook in the corner is really cool.  

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